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Cornell Student's Future Balloons

Cornell Sun: "This summer, Brandon Axelrod ’21 took a physics class, worked an oral surgery internship at Weill Cornell and tied balloons for six shows each weekend. The Cornell junior, who goes by 'Magic Brandini' professionally, started his balloon twisting and magic performance business when he was just 12 years old. From humble beginnings of doing magic for his grandparents, Axelrod’s business has since blossomed to help cover the costs of Cornell ... With party requests filling his inbox even during the school year, Axelrod generally sets aside an hour or two each weekend to respond to messages. By March, he’s almost completely booked for every weekend of the summer. Over the nine years as owner and headline act for his own business, Axelrod hopes to apply the lessons he has learned to his future dental career."

"Because dentistry is more often a private practice, he plans to specifically use the entrepreneurial skills he’s gained from operating his own business, including accounting, carefully planning schedules and interacting with customers. He does all of the work on his own — or has ever since he got his driver’s license. Before, his mom used to drive him to gigs."

"He’s also learned a lot about communicating with people from doing magic shows. After a few young fumbles, he’s improved at reading his audiences and including them in his acts. And he’s better able to talk while thinking ahead, often needing to distract from a move with a joke ... To accompany his dental school application, Axelrod plans on crafting an enormous balloon dental chair."

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