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Update on Emergency Financial Aid

US News: "For students across the country still waiting on emergency financial aid grants, the delay may be a result of colleges waiting on the funds to arrive or still formulating a process for determining each student's eligibility, need and award amount. Kim Cook, executive director of the National College Attainment Network, says many schools still don't have a policy for how to distribute the money, noting that as of late April, only about half of the eligible colleges and universities had started the application process to receive the federal funds." "Many colleges are prioritizing students who have already completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. For those who have not already filed a FAFSA and need emergency financial aid, colleges may require students to file the form to ensure they are eligible ... Iowa State University, for example, notes on its website that students must have filed the 2019-2020 FAFSA to be eligible for the emergency federal aid, and that those who have not done so may file it by June 28 to gain eligibility." "Colleges can approach the distribution of emergency funds either by pre-identifying students who are eligible without any action on the part of students, or by asking that students submit requests or applications for the funds ... Some colleges will give a set amount to each eligible student based on the number of credits he or she is taking or based on family income, while others will review each student's expenses and provide a commensurate amount, experts say ... Thus far, colleges are distributing money via direct deposit when possible, or check when necessary."

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