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7 Tips for Quarantined Students

None of us wanted or predicted this -- but here we are -- safe at home with so much time on our hands. Here are seven great ways to pass the time, be productive and also get a jump on the college process.

1 - Research colleges on your exploratory list. Check out the websites. Look at the curriculum. Visit department websites of interesting subjects. Review clubs, sports and organizations. Read websites such as College Confidential and College Prep. View YouTube videos. Read student profiles and student and admission blogs. Look at online college newspapers.

2 - Think about how you can be a leader. For example: Is there an online chat group you can start to support your lacrosse team?

3 - Contribute to your community. How can you help your community, your school, your family, your peer group? Writing letters or FaceTime with seniors in nursing homes? Entertaining younger siblings?

4 - Try something new. A free online course in Sanskrit? Yoga? Calligraphy? Ukulele? Learn French? Bake your first seven-layer cake?

5 - Think about your essay. If only the colleges knew __________ about me …

6- Shore up your academics. Did you fall behind on the readings for AP History? Do you need to review the problems you got wrong on your last math test?

7- Practice for standardized tests: The latest testing schedules and updates are available via these links:

Stay safe and keep your social distance! :)

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