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College Board Offers At-Home AP Exams

Clarksville Now: "With an overwhelming majority of students out of school due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, The College Board’s AP Program has announced a new, at-home testing option for Advanced Placement (AP) students ... The announcement follows news that standardized testing requirements will be waved this year both on the federal and state levels ... In order to allow students to earn their college credits while maintaining CDC guidelines, students may take a 45-minute online exam at home for this school year only. Educator-led development committees are currently selecting exam questions that will on the tests."

"The College Board will allow local institutions to decide the best means for students to complete coursework. Recognizing that many students have lost valuable instruction time, this years exams will only include topics that most classes would have covered by early March ... Recognizing that some students might prefer to take their exams while information is fresh in their minds while others might prefer to study, the AP Program will offer two exam dates. Those dates, as well as specific question types and testing details will be made available on April 3."

"Students will be able to access the test from most devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones. Students may also send in a photo of handwritten work ... The College Board has stressed the importance of test security, and will use a variety of digital tools to prevent plagiarism and cheating. They also have begun offering free, mobile-friendly live AP review courses. These on-demand class sessions will focus on reviewing the first 75% of AP course materials, with supplemental lessons covering the final 25%."

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