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Cornell 'College Scholars' Invent Majors

Daily Sun: "From tackling the economics of Uber to diving deep into Latin American politics, the College Scholar students plan to push the boundaries of Cornell’s academic offerings ... Students in the niche College of Arts and Sciences program design their own major, entering the program as sophomores and completing a thesis by their senior year. Once students commit to the college scholar major, they are no longer bound by the College of Arts and Sciences’ distribution requirements. Instead, their interdisciplinary majors require them to take a variety of courses related to their theses, guided by a faculty advisory team."

"Luz Dybner ’22, who originally entered Cornell as a government major, found that she also loved her Spanish classes. Since the University only offers a Latin American studies minor, Dybner thought the College Scholar program would be a 'really good option' to pursue her interests. She is focusing her studies on the 'symbiotic relationship' between politics and culture in Latin America, inspired by a trip to visit her grandparents in Argentina. There, she saw a 'living, powerful, palpable political culture that pervaded through all elements of Latin American life,' which will inform her studies."

Vanessa Olguin ’22 similarly hopes to combine two of her passions in her project by finding the intersection between international relations and environmental sustainability sciences ... Her self-designed curriculum includes courses such as BSOC 2201: Society and Natural Resources and NTRES 3311: Environmental Governance. Post-Cornell, Olguin plans to continue her studies into graduate school and eventually work in diplomacy for the U.S. government."

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