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Drexel: An 'Age-Friendly' University

Drexel: "Drexel University has been named an Age-Friendly University (AFU) in recognition of its commitment to meeting the needs and aspirations of all people, old and young. Drexel, the first AFU in Philadelphia and one of only two in Pennsylvania, will join a growing initiative that includes more than 60 institutions throughout the United States and around the world ... The AFU network is guided by 10 principles, which Drexel will incorporate into its longstanding commitment to equity and civic engagement."

"Building from the AFU designation, Drexel will seek new ways to engage older adults and the organizations that serve them; ensure that current and future generations of students and faculty adopt an intergenerational lens throughout their careers; and increase aging-related research that is informed by older adults, local communities and other stakeholders."

"The new Cell2Society Aging Research Net, a Drexel Area of Research Excellence (DARE) initiative ... unites over 30 researchers from across the University and is developing a strong infrastructure for aging research ... The College of Nursing and Health Professions is also helping to develop and implement a range of cutting edge, evidence-based clinical and social programs for older adults."

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