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Extracurricular Tip: Everything Matters

Brennan Barnard: "New this year in the activities section on the Common Application, students are able to choose 'Family Contributions' from the drop-down menu. This is an acknowledgement by member colleges that these responsibilities are at least—if not more—as important as being the president of a school club or captain of an athletic team. Jenny Rickard, president and CEO of Common App says, 'learning about your life outside of school — including life at home — is critical to how college admissions officers understand you as an applicant.'”

"She adds, 'we want to help students understand that there is real value in sharing how they spend their time, including taking care of family responsibilities, working to contribute to household expenses, caring for siblings or family members, and more.' Applicants can also provide a more detailed explanation of any special contributions or responsibilities in the 'additional information' section of their application."

"The college admission process can send a range of messages to young people about what matters as they look toward their future. While academic potential and extracurricular involvement are important foundational factors in this equation, they can often overshadow some of the less visible, yet equally significant, qualities of who applicants are and what they have to offer a college campus. These more subtle commitments to family and the common good are what build healthy communities, and that matters!"

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