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Homesick Freshmen: Is There a Cure?

US News: "Leaving for college is typically a time of excitement for students, one that represents new opportunities and, for many, their first venture out on their own, living away from family. But with that newfound freedom may come feelings of homesickness ... College students may also experience homesickness around the holidays or after returning to the college campus from winter break ... The good news: Students can beat feelings of homesickness."

"For students struggling with homesickness, here are suggestions for how they can create their own sense of home on campus: Recognize that feeling homesick is normal and temporary ... Reach out to others for support and share your feelings ... Create new traditions that make campus feel like home ... Volunteer for community service projects ... Find a spiritual or religious community."

"If college students can't shake feeling homesick, they may consider campus resources available to them, such as a counseling center."

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