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That's Boss: Bruce to Address BC Frosh

Boston.com: Bruce Springsteen "is slated to address Boston College’s Class of 2024 during the institution’s annual “First Year Academic Convocation” in Conte Forum. The event has been a formative experience for students at the college since its inception in 2004, giving an opportunity for freshmen to hear from award-winning authors as they begin their undergraduate years ... First-year students will receive an e-copy of Springsteen’s memoir this summer and “a reflection guide that will help them to examine the themes raised in Born to Run — family dynamics, personal relationships, addressing adversity, and setting and fulfilling aspirations – and how they might intersect with their own lives,” college officials said." "Though the convocation marks Springsteen’s first and only official visit to the school, he is no stranger to the college. Evan Springsteen, his son with wife Patti Scialfa, is a 2012 Boston College graduate, and the couple has been active in helping the school provide undergraduate scholarships in past years. Most recently, in November, the music icon played a set in Asbury Park, New Jersey to benefit financial aid services at the esteemed institution." First Year Experience Director Ali Bane comments: “For the Class of 2024, Born to Run is a wonderful introduction to the lifelong process of discernment that is so central to the philosophy of student formation at Boston College. Springsteen’s memoir includes countless examples of him paying close attention to his life experiences, reflecting upon their meaning, and living in a way that translates this meaning into action to create a better world."

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