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Tuition Hikes in Flux As Pandemic Continues

US News: "The steady drumbeat of annual tuition hikes slowed in 2020 as colleges responded to the coronavirus pandemic and its devastating financial effects on American families. Looking ahead to 2021-2022 tuition rates, families can expect much of the same as colleges may take a similar approach by freezing tuition or applying only small increases ... While current and prospective undergraduate students may hope for a reduction in college costs, small increases or freezes may be more common for the next school year."

"Baylor University in Texas, for example, announced its plans to increase 2021-2022 tuition by 2%, saying on its website this increase is smaller than previously planned and was done 'in recognition of the economic challenges that many families face due to COVID-19.' Meanwhile, Marquette University in Wisconsin announced it would freeze undergraduate tuition in response to the pandemic ... Public colleges and universities face many of the same financial challenges and increased costs due to the pandemic, and these institutions must also navigate state funding cuts."

"The depth of these cuts and the effects on institutions and students will vary by state, and as the country remains in the early stages of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, much remains unknown for the next academic year."

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