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Top 25: Alumni Rate their Alma Maters

Forbes: "Have you ever wondered what the top colleges and universities would look like if they were ranked based on alumni ratings? Thanks to a recent study derived from the largest source of representative surveying of college graduates, we have a sneak peek into what it might look like. Although you’ll see some familiar names, there are also many surprises ... The data analyzed come from 146,345 college graduates from 2,989 colleges and universities .. based on answers to a series of questions ... such as: You received a high-quality education; You would recommend the educational path you took to other people; You would not be where you are today without your degree; You learned important skills during college courses that you use in your day-to-day life; Your education was worth the cost; If you had to do it all over again, you would attend the same institution."

Here are the top 25 colleges and universities according to alumni ratings: 1) Princeton University; 2) Yale University; 3) Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 4) University of Maryland – Baltimore; 5) Duke University; 6) University of Virginia; 7) United States Military Academy; 8) Cornell University; 9) Harvard University; 10) Northwestern Business College; 11) University of La Verne; 12) Colorado School of Mines; 13) Wheaton College; 14) Vanderbilt University; 15) Johns Hopkins University; 16) Emory University; 17)Stanford University; 18) Rice University; 19) Tufts University; 20) Lesley University; 21) Texas A&M University – Kingsville; 22) Azusa Pacific University; 23) University of Chicago: 24) University of California – Berkeley; 25) University of Southern California.

"Remarkably, the tuition range among this top 25 is more than 6x from the least expensive (Texas A&M-Kingsville at $9,136 for in-state students) to the most expensive (University of Chicago at $60,522). This point is a great illustration of what the study also found in debunking the myth that price equals quality in higher education; when it comes to alumni ratings, there is no relationship between price and quality."

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