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Brag Sheet: What UC is What You Get

The Los Angeles Times: "Every college has its brag sheet. But the University of California has taken it to a whole new level with a 123-page report of exhaustive detail on jobs created, research performed, start-up businesses launched, tax dollars generated and students served." For example: "In 2018, UC graduates earned an average $88,066 — $9,333 more in average annual earnings than other California employees with bachelor’s degrees ... About 40% of UC students are the first in their families to attend college and earned at least $52,800 more annually in 2018 than Californians with only a high school degree."

"UC averages five new inventions a day, with nearly 11,000 active U.S. and foreign patents ... UC Berkeley produced the most startups funded by venture capital among undergraduate campuses in the world except Stanford as of June 2020. (Famous companies founded or cofounded by former UC students include Apple, Gap, Tesla, GoPro, Uber and Lyft)."

UC President Michael V. Drake comments: “UC’s economic ripple effect is so large that it touches every region in the state, including those without a campus or medical center. Beyond economic impact, the University’s contributions in health, innovation and social equity are even more important to the lives of Californians.”

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