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College-19: A Dose of Inconvenience

The Washington Post: "The University of Virginia, with 24,000 students, will distribute 'Welcome Back Kits' in drawstring bags to those who return to Charlottesville. Each bag will contain two cloth face coverings, two bottles of hand sanitizer and an L-shaped 'touch tool' for students to open doors and push elevator buttons without direct contact. Similar kits at Purdue University will include a thermometer for daily temperature taking. The school, which has about 44,000 students in West Lafayette, Ind., will ask them for 'a commitment to at least a semester of inconvenience' to protect faculty and staff."

"Like other large public universities, Virginia Tech faces the complex challenge of protecting a community of tens of thousands. It said Monday that it would offer beds on campus to about 9,100 students, 12 percent fewer than normal, setting aside hundreds of rooms for quarantines if needed. It’s a big switch from a year ago, when Virginia Tech was packing students into residence halls because of an unexpected enrollment surge and using hotel rooms to accommodate the overflow. The university also said this week on Twitter that it will not offer meal plans to students who live off campus, signaling that dining halls will be far more regimented than normal."

Frank Shushok Jr., Virginia Tech’s vice president for student affairs, comments: “We’re calling on our students and community to care for the whole. At the end of the day, that’s going to be more effective, and in some ways, it is the kind of education we’re trying to deliver. It’s not about you. It is about the greater good.”

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