• Beth & Tim Manners

Coronavirus Changes College Choices

PR Web: "A national survey of 300 families indicates 25.7% of inbound freshman are re-thinking their college choice because of the coronavirus pandemic ... Families located in the West (30.6%) and Northeast (29.5%) are more inclined to choose another college based on the outbreak than families in the South (21.1%) and Midwest (23.0%). In addition, families in urban communities (30.0%) are most likely to be “rethinking” their college choice than suburban (24.0%) or rural families (23.5%)."

"At this time, a full 46.0% of 're-thinkers' said that they would not add other colleges to their list for additional applications and only 8.2% would add an online university as an option. Before the families heard about the coronavirus outbreak, 84.2% of families were planning to move away to attend a residential college or university and 14.4% planned to commute to a local college or university."


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