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How Do Graduates Grade College?

Ed Surge: "College graduates who see clear connections between their coursework and their later employment place the highest value on their college education, a new large-scale consumer survey found. The survey, conducted by Gallup in conjunction with Strada Education Network, which focuses on pathways between education and employment, included data from interviews with nearly 100,000 people who have completed college in the past two decades."

"When asked whether their postsecondary education was worth the cost, graduates of vocational programs were the most likely to “strongly agree” (57 percent chose that option). Grad-school grads were the next most likely group to strongly agree (at 50 percent), and the least likely to do so were graduates of bachelor’s programs (at 40 percent)."

"Among graduates of four-year colleges, those majoring in health care disciplines and education gave their college experience the highest value ratings. Graduates of liberal-arts fields assigned the lowest values to their post-secondary education among survey respondents. “Among these graduates, only 34 percent strongly agreed their degree was worth the expense, and just 36 percent strongly agreed it would benefit their careers,” said a report by Strada about the survey results."

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